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Month: January 2017

Available Floor Plan in Clement Canopy

There are several residential estates in Singapore. Singapore is a beautiful place. It has a lot of economic importance. That is why many big developers have made beautiful housing estates there. A lot of people visit Singapore for several reasons. They might visit for enjoyment, business or even studies. Everybody that visits for a longer period chooses to live there in an apartment. But there are several things that are to be considered about an apartment. There are several residential estates that have good floor plans. Clement Canopy is the upcoming project of UOL and Singapore Land. Clement Canopy floor plan is said to be very astonishing and beautiful, which comprise floor plan from 2 bedrooms to 4 bedrooms.

There are several other things that are important about the place you are about to invest or live in. But the floor plan is one of the most important things. A floor plan is important because it tells you how functional the lay out is. It shows you that how much of an effort the developers have put in developing the place. A floor plan should be of such kind that it gives the most space and accommodates everything as much.

Clement Canopy Floor Plan

Clement Canopy floor plan is very unique. The floor plan that is designed for Clement canopy has all the modern standards filled up. It has everything that a person requires. The floor plan that is designed for Clement Canopy is planned to give the residents a spacious apartment. Along with that it should be well ventilated too. There are windows that are installed in such a way that they will light up the whole apartment.

The Clement Canopy floor plan

There are several layouts in Clement Canopy for potential buyers to choose from. There are spacious rooms with two ensuite as well as compact rooms. There are several options for the buyers which they can select the design that best suits them.

There are different apartments that have two to four bedrooms. The apartments with two bedrooms are perfect for couples. While for families, which require more space, the four-bedroom apartment is the best choice for a luxurious lifestyle. The developers always keep their customer’s requirements and budget in mind while planning the floorplan.

The age calls for modern designing. The Clement Canopy floor plan is as modern as it gets. There are contemporary fittings that make the interiors stand out to be perfect and luxurious. There are other facilities too that are provided by the developers. Facilities like washing machines, fridge, kitchen fittings and oven.

When it comes to indoor facilities the Clement Canopy floor plan does not stay behind. You will get a gymnasium, a play area for children, BBQ pavilion, swimming pool, and full on security. There are also sky terraces on each of the towers.

For those who enjoy the view, you can easily catch a glimpse of the southern sea view of Singapore from the top of the towers. It gives you a perfect view of the southern part of the Singapore. You can glance at the whole city from that height.